Fraud Alerts

Call Spoofing Alert

At Gold Star Mortgage , the security of your information is very important to us, and we want to help you keep it protected. Gold Star Mortgage has recently received reports from consumers of an increased volume in fraudulent calls that are attempting to appear as Gold Star Mortgage. Please remember that caller ID information can be faked to make you think that a call is coming from a trusted person or business. For more information on caller ID spoofing, read this blog post from the Federal Trade Commission:

As a reminder, Gold Star Mortgage will not call you and ask for your account information or any other non-public personal information. If you receive a suspicious communication, do not respond, and do not use any contact information provided. If you have received these calls, we would appreciate you filling in the pertinent information below so that we can include it in our open report with the FTC. Your name and number will remain anonymous. If you wish to speak to someone directly and provide the details, please call our security department at 734-669-3047.

Phone numbers that contacted you:

Date and Time of calls:

Description of requested information by the caller: