At Gold Star Mortgage we seek to maintain the highest possible reputation in the eyes of both our customers and our community. By holding all employees to an elevated standard for business ethics we contribute to the reputation of our industry. First and foremost it is the policy of Gold Star Mortgage to remain in compliance with all local, state, and federal laws despite any changes or modifications made on the part of any government regulatory agencies. In addition, we intend to inform and train all employees in an adequate manner so as to avoid any confusion regarding conflicts of interest or issues regarding privacy. We understand that we are supplied with confidential information by our clients, and that this information is to be used for company business only.

Golden Rule Principles

Gold Star Values
  • Integrity
  • Our employees conduct themselves in a manner that exhibits high moral principles when serving clients and customers. Each employee recognizes their positive contribution to the community when serving our customers.
  • Respect
  • Our employees are socially responsible and follow the guiding principle of “do unto others, as you want them to do unto you.”
  • Family
  • Our employees are family. We strive to cultivate a positive, team-oriented environment where collaboration is key to success.
  • Service
  • Products and services must be the number one priority. We ensure superior customer service by delivering products based on the white glove service model.
  • Community
  • We are dedicated to providing better products and services in the local communities around us.


It is the goal of Gold Star Mortgage to provide a safe and healthy work place for all employees. In this setting we seek to supply an equal opportunity environment that is wholly free of discrimination and unfair treatment. It is our objective to provide sufficient and quality training for all employees so they may further their own development as well as that of their careers. Our aim is to compensate all employees fairly for the value which they bring to Gold Star Mortgage. We attempt to create an environment in which teamwork and unity can flourish so that all employees can contribute to their company and their community.